Non-life insurance in Germany

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Car insurance

Car insurance

Motor vehicle liability insurance is (for vehicles) the legally mandatory part of the German car insurance (compulsory insurance), which covers the claims for damages that arise from the operation of a motor vehicle towards a third party (fault or liability).  

The damage can be caused, for example, by a traffic accident, for which the permitted driver of a motor vehicle is at fault or for whose consequences. The holder / owner of the vehicle is responsible regardless of fault. Motor vehicle liability insurance law is largely standardized in the European Union, but the legally stipulated maximum compensation amounts and the assumption of certain costs, for example for rental cars or experts, still differ considerably in the EU countries. The sum insured describes the maximum indemnity payment from motor vehicle liability insurance or car insurance. 

Penal & Law insurance

Penal & Law insurance

legal protection / Penal & law insurance cover 
Disputes in various areas, which are resolved with legal assistance and ultimately often before the judge, are not uncommon. The financial burden of litigation should not be underestimated, because the amount in dispute can be high and drag on until a final judgment has been reached. Until then, the costs are only in advance. This legal protection insurance can also be used against insurance companies that refuse to payout claim payments or other contractual agreements. 

The risk of getting into a legal dispute has become quite high these days. Dealing with customers, suppliers but also with social insurance institutions, other organizations and authorities can lead to legal disputes and these are sometimes associated with high costs and trouble. 

Private liability insurance

Private liability insurance 

In Germany, you are legally obliged to pay full compensation regardless of your assets if you harm someone or his property. As a rule, small mishaps are unproblematic, but if there are higher costs, it is quickly a matter of much more including even legal actions. It is therefore advisable that everyone in Germany has private liability insurance so that they do not have to pay for their entire life or if they suffer personal injury, just because not having paid attention for a moment. 

What is insured in the German private liability insurance? 

  • Cover for credit default 
  • Loss of keys and code cards private and work related 
  • Claims caused by Children under 7 years (legally not responsible for their doing) 
  • Dog sitting / Dog walking 
  • rented property 
  • Self-propelled machines up to 20 km / h 
  • Use of pedelecs (electric bicycles) 
  • voluntary work 
  • Photovoltaic systems up to 10 kwp 
  • Loading and unloading claims  
  • Damage while doing a friend a favor or act of kindness (e.g. as helping a friend moving apartments) 
Residential property insurance

Residential property insurance

When do you need residential property insurance? 

If you own an apartment, house, or other habitable property as an owner or if you are building such a property. 

Why is the correct valuation of residential property insurance so important? 

There are various models for determining the value of residential property insurance, but it is crucial that all information is correct while application. Here, attention should be paid to the number of square meters of living space, the type of class of the building, type of versions of the equipment (high-quality sanitary facilities, doors, windows, floors, etc.), number of garages, carports, solar or other installations. 

When do you lose coverage of the Home / residential property insurance? 

If this is missing, or if only 120m² is specified instead of 150m² of living space, the insurer can significantly reduce the claim payment or, in the worst case, appeal against the contract and withhold the premium already paid and refuse to pay the claim. 

That is why it is important not to save money at the wrong area, but rather to look for an insurer who offers coverage at an acceptable price with customer favorable terms & conditions. 

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance can be mandatory 

For some professional groups, professional liability insurance is even compulsory. Namely for those whose work relates to the assets of third parties. Examples include: Lawyers, tax consultants, notaries, insurance intermediaries, engineers, architects, pension consultants and auditors. 

People with medical and teaching professions, such as Doctors, physiotherapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths and teachers must have professional liability insurance in order to be able to work at all. Medical liability and hospital liability insurance belong to these compulsory insurances, without which an approval for the activity is not possible. 

Some contractors – larger companies, for example – also require other service providers, such as consultants, to provide proof of professional liability insurance. A good idea, because if you advise a corporation incorrectly as a freelancer, this can result in dizzying amounts of claims payments. 

We insure everything for engineers, architects, and medical professionals. 

We offer special engineering insurance and architect insurance of all kinds, especially in the areas of aviation, civil engineering and civil engineering, landscaping and gardening, oil and gas (on and offshore), we have extensive experience with property and project-related insurance. 

Industrial liability insurance

Industrial liability insurance 

A supplier or a customer gets injured on company premises. A product defect causes damage to the property of a user. Countless situations that could trigger claims for damages by third parties can occur during day-to-day business operations. The liability insurance insures against such risks, which can protect a company’s future. 

Liability insurance is essential for industrial companies. An event can occur at any time, resulting in major damage to property and/or personal injury. For manufacturers this applies particularly to the possible consequences of product defects. Companies are then confronted with claims for damages. Claims for damages could put the continued existence of a company at risk. This also applies to a product recall intended to avoid further damage or injury. Sicher Sicher GmbH – Claim pro insurance broker provides supplementary insurance to cover any product recall costs incurred. 

Political & Credit risk insurance

Political & Credit risk insurance from Sicher Sicher – Claim pro insurance broker 

For any company or financial institution trading or investing overseas, exposure to Political and Credit Risk are a significant reality of doing business. Preservation and management of capital, along with the protection of shareholder value, have become paramount. Specialist insurance products can help mitigate these exposures and Sicher Sicher – Claim pro insurance broker is a market leading provider of transactional and associated advisory services in the field. 

Sicher Sicher Global advises and arranges insurances for some of the world’s leading industrial companies, banks, oil producers, miners, exporters, construction companies and commodity traders. We arrange protection for their overseas investments and trading activities as well as the finance that underpins them. 

COVERAGES of Political & Credit Risk insurance 

Political and Credit Risk can be placed into two main categories associated with Asset Risk and Contract Risk: 

Asset Risk Cover 

We can arrange coverages to protect investments in fixed Assets, such as operating companies and joint ventures, as well as Mobile Assets such as plant and equipment or stocks of product whilst it is overseas. We arrange cover for banks on their loans to overseas borrowers or loans secured on overseas assets which are also vulnerable to foreign government actions. 

IT-Liability Insurance

IT-Liability Insurance 

What does the IT liability insurance cover? 

The IT liability insurance is for true IT companies working in programming, data processing and installation and support for information technology. These companies and freelancers usually have access to their customers’ technology and can cause real financial loss here. As Lloyds brokers, we have special coverage concepts that go far beyond the standard coverage and also cover that work with influence on production and supply facilities, such as in drug dosing, image processing and quality checks in goods production etc. 

• Individual adjustment options for coverage to co-insure additional services offered (e.g. short-term projects with a higher insurance sum needed, call center, management and personnel consultants, etc.) 
• Worldwide coverage also in the USA and Canada 
• Optional co-insurance of property damage coverage modules, such as e.g. Reputational damage, patents, key man loss or witness compensation 
• Few general liability typical exclusions conditions (AHB) – and sub-limits 
• Extensive and clear set of conditions