Explainations of Coverage table


Amount of covered costs for treatment and stay in a hospital and which kind of hospital can be selected 

Amount of covered costs and which kind of bedroom

Amount of covered cost for doctor treatments and by which level of doctor treatment is covered 

Amount of covered costs for transports to and from a hospital and the limit of mileage

If Direct payment by the insurer is possible or that the patient has to pay first upfront to the hospital by himself

At the dentist

Dental treatment

Amount of cost covered for treatments done by a dentist, his staff or laboratory jobs


Amount of costs covered for dentures with possible sublimit and what kind of dentures are included in the coverage. 


Amount of costs covered and till what patient age the treatment had to be started 

Outpatient service


Amount of costs covered for outpatient’s service and which kind of doctor or naturopath can be consulted 

Remedies, medicines and bandages

Amount of costs covered for drugs, Remedies and bandages which been described by a medical doctor or a naturopath if covered 

Medical aids

Amount of costs covered for aids like walking-sticks, Tens-machines, Wheelchairs etc. which are described by a medical doctor 

Visual Aids

Amount of costs covered for lenses, frames and contact lenses and the conditions in maximum amounts and time periods. 

Surgery for Visual improvement

Amount of costs covered for eye surgeries for improvement of the eyesight or prevention of losing eyesight. 



Amount of costs covered for against diseases as prevention check-ups and their possible limitation to disease prevention programs


Amount of costs and under which Guideline vaccinations are covered, as well as which vaccinations are paid for which are not according to the mentioned Guideline. 


Amount of costs covered and the limits either by sessions or maximum amount per mentioned timeline 



Maternity and childbirth

Amount of costs covered, and which limits are set

Waiting period

The timeline till then the insurance cover is valid after starting date of the contract

Health examination 

Health check at a doctor and dentist paid by the applicant in most cases, which the insurer decides on to insure the person, exclude coverage or decline the application

Health questions

Questions regarding the current and past health situation of each to insure person. If the answers are not truthful, the insurer can reject the payment for treatment and terminate the insurance contract. 


The amount which each insured person has to pay themselves for a medical treatment before the insurer pays. There are maybe percentage or fix amount for a particular timeline. 

Reimbursement Limit

The Maximum amount for the full contract period for medical costs handed to the insurer for reimbursement 

Minimum contract period

The Minimum contract timeline

Maximum contract period

The Maximum contract timeline from the first day of entry in Germany

Scope of cover

The areas there the coverage is valid and for which time line if its outside the area of current residency

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