Sicher Sicher to Stay

Welcome to Sicher Sicher to Stay, the platform for all categories of health insurance for foreigners who come to Germany. If you stay more than 3 months in Germany, you are obliged to have health insurance. We have the right insurance tariffs for all types of stays and requirements of the respective visa regulations, in different premium and coverage options.

Most non-EU citizens who come to Germany are not entitled to join German statutory health insurance, so only private health insurance remains for this group of people. Here it depends on the respective status, which tariff is best for each individual needs. We have selected the various options on this website according to length and reason of stay.

It is important for everyone who comes to Germany to check for themselves whether they are planning to stay long (more than 5 years) or short terms. Since the requirements by the German authorities differs based on the period and reason of stay.

In general, the following classification can be made:

Planned length of stay

Reason of stay

Health insurance tariffs possible options

German statutory health insurance is entitled for

Till 3 years

Studies, work & travel, Au-pair, visit, employees

Basic 3ABC(~3 years), Basic 4A/Better 4B(~4 years), Better 5ABC(~5 years), PKV(Private full comprehensive health insurance), Top Best (Only for Korean passport holder and their dependents)

- Depending on regional immigration regulations

Students under 30 years of age, employees subject to social security contributions

Till 4 years

Till 5 years

Studies, work & travel, employees, self-employed

More than 5 years

Studies, employees, self-employed

PKV(Private full comprehensive health insurance), Top Best (Only for Korean passport holder and their dependents)

- Fulfilling all requirements


Employees, self-employed and retired

The Sicher Sicher GmbH is an independent claim pro insurance broker covering the private-, corporate-, industrial- and special insurance market. We cover risks in Germany, Austria, France, and Spain in Europe. For customers in these countries, we can arrange international insurance programs with local policies in around 150 countries worldwide. We currently offer consultation service in German, English, and Korean via different communication channels.

If you are uncertain which tariff is best suiting for your needs, please contact us for consultation.